According to the Chairman-CEO, the purchasing power in the city is a major opportunity for local businesses.
The reactor vessel of Unit 5 is already being forged, and the core-catcher will arrive in Paks in the summer – Péter Szijjártó announced.
Security of supply, affordable energy and sustainability were the main topics of the Business Talks '24 round table discussion, at which the Paks II. project was represented by Chairman-CEO Gergely Jákli. The event, held at the House of Music Hungary, emphasized that if electricity needs to be produced in the forecasted extreme weather conditions, then the stable and reliable nuclear energy is unavoidable.
The same size model as the original was used to test the process used to pour the baseplate’s concrete of the new units.
Together for climate protection! In the fight against climate change nuclear power plants cannot be ignored.
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Ten reasons for Paks II.